Tilitoimistopalvelut, Tili Johanna | Toimistoapu Johanna
Tilitoimisto Turku, Tili Johanna

Tili Johanna offers financial management services without gibberish.

My aim is to make accounting understandable. I talk about income statement and balance sheet in a way that anyone will understand. It is important for me that you can also understand what the different numbers on the balance sheet mean and how do they affect your business. I take care of your cash receipts, tax returns, financial statements and other reports so that you can focus on what is really important – your own business.

Bookkeeping is not rocket science to me, so contact me today!

Carefree paperwork

While you focus on growing your business, Tili Johanna takes care of your everyday necessities: financial management and general office work. If you are in a situation where you need advise or sparring, I offer my objective view.